Abstracts & presenters

“Digital Disruption, 28 weeks later…”

Presented by Jose Maria Gurria, Global O&M Digital Implementation Leader, GE

A lot has been said about “Digital Disruption” but some of us have been imagining what it would look like, in my case since almost 15 years back. Actually, when I first experienced with Predictive technologies. So fortunately some people in the community, in the last 2-3 years had even adventured to write and speak about our future as M&R professionals in this new environment. Where most of the predictions threaten with thousands of jobs loss, professions transformed or even replaced by machines.

The title of this abstract, is based on a British zombie movie and the post-apocalyptical scenario that a lethal virus has left over the earth. Even if it seems under control, the thread is still alive and, as usual, a group of survivors is fighting the disease trying to find a cure, while they keep complaining and wondering how it all happened to them.

I’ll try my best to immerse you into this dark place, where we will learn, what’s this “digital disease”, what to be afraid of, what are its faces, how they are showing up, how they escalate and could end up “infecting” the whole organization.

But don’t worry, we’ll figure out how to survive “Digital Disruption” by using our Maintenance & Reliability skills, tools, knowledge, and attitude.

Good luck…

“Ultrasound, Big Data & AI Come To Pharma Industry”

Presented by Blair Frasier, CMRP, Business Unit Manager – Reliability Solutions, Lakeside Process Controls 

A Pharmaceutical company in Toronto, ON is challenging the status quo by thinking outside the box to develop solutions to increase the reliability of their critical assets by applying IIOT, Big Data combined with Machine Learning (Pattern Recognition & Anomaly detection) technologies using Ultrasonic sensors to provide predictive analytics. In this presentation, we will explain how this was done and share some amazing results and the cost savings. This is one case study you won’t want to miss.

“Applying Quality Principles That Yield Sustainable Reliability Improvements”

Presented by Douglas Bowker, Sr. Reliability Eng, Reliability Group Leader, BASF

Sustainable successes of organizations can generally be traced to the successful implementation of quality principles. It should therefore be no different in pursuing these principles in a journey to success within the world of plant reliability. This discussion will focus on the application of core quality principles within a small reliability group. Subsequent successful results in asset effectiveness improvement will be shown with real examples.


“Are Your Assets Providing the Expected Value From Your Asst Management Strategy?”

Presented by Joe Anderson, CMRP, Associate Director of Asset Management, B. Braun Medical

A systemic problem in most industries is the fact that our assets do not provide the value we have promised to our stakeholders. While the world’s attention is focused on the fight to increase productivity and develop new technologies, overhead costs, defects, and waste seem to be out of control. In order to remain competitive in the marketplace, cost to produce needs to be lowered, speed to market increased, and value driven from assets increased. There are three main reasons why we can’t seem to make this sustainable:

1. Leadership’s Understanding of the Business Side of Reliability
2. Understanding of the Hidden Plant
3. Culture of Reliability
We will take a deep dive into why these issues occur and provide solutions to mitigate these risks.


“Reliability is a Marathon”

Presented by Tim Goshert, CMRP, Principal, Allied Reliability 

This presentation will trace the reliability improvement journey within a global industrial company over a fifteen-year timespan by taking the company from a culture of reactive maintenance to world class maintenance and reliability. Attendees will understand the nature of the challenge of initiating, maintaining, and improving a reliability improvement program over this time.

Many companies take the “Hare” approach, trying to use “quick fix” programs and “magic” condition monitoring technologies that will solve all of their problems. We took the “Tortoise” approach, methodically learning what true reliability looked like by benchmarking with companies that had been there and done that. Through education, culture change, proper implementation, and application of technologies and processes with strong leadership, we emerged as one of the world’s leaders in Maintenance and Reliability improvement.

We were able to grow our business and increase value to our shareholders. We accomplished this by better serving our customers, offering high quality products and delivering product when the customer rang the bell; all of this was done in a more reliable, safe environment for our employees. A win for our company, a win for our customers, and a win for our employees.

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