Abstracts & presenters

“Creating a Reliability Culture to Bring your Goals Alive”

Presented by Nancy Regan, The Force

Create a dynamic Reliability Culture within your organization by imagining four infinite quadrants. Successfully navigating three of these assures success, while one promises failure. Join Nancy on a journey through all four quadrants. Using two life lessons, a simple physics equation, a common business skill, and audience participation, you will discover how to foster the environment necessary to achieve most objectives. But creating a Reliability Culture isn’t all about technological details. Most improvement initiatives fail due to lack of buy-in because we often overlook the human element, the most significant factor in any Reliability improvement effort. While emphasizing the role people make in achieving technical objectives, Nancy reveals what is really causing the lack of buy-in and uncovers how to get team members on board. You will learn how to achieve your Reliability goals by creating a culture that supports successful implementation. Bonus – and if you dare – navigate one of the quadrants towards your own heart’s desire!

We are excited to welcome the Director of Maintenance Operations for Nissan North America, David Sliger, CMRP, as one of our featured keynotes. With over 20 years experience in his role, David has a unique perspective to share in regards to what it takes to maintain high levels of reliability in a highly competitive industry.

“Challenges of Being a Leader”
Presented by Joe Anderson, B. Braun Medical & Reliability X, The DNA of Success 

Are you frustration in your current position? Are you following an ineffective leader? Do you feel as if you have no influence? If these challenges resonate with you, these will be a few of the challenges that we take on to offer help in overcoming.  In this session we will be discussing some of the challenges that we face in our organization as leaders and possible ways that we can overcome them to become a person of influence. It is an adaptation from principles shared in John Maxwell’s book The 360⁰ Leader.

“Best Practices for Managing Aging Assets”

Presented by Terry Harris, Reliable Process Solutions

It would be great if we could replace all old or failed equipment with new equipment or state of the art assets. But unfortunately, that is not very cost effective except in the airline industry where the risk of failure is much higher. So, we must all learn about our equipment and learn to manage our 20 – 50-year-old equipment. A look at techniques and ideas to add some reliability to our aging assets.

“Do you Have What it Takes to Build a Lasting Reliability Program?”
Presented by Chris Colson, Managing Principal, Allied Reliability 

Chris Colson, Managing Principal with Allied Reliability, will present on the topic of what’s required to build an enduring reliability program.  Some of the biggest challenges and why so many reliability programs fail are due to a lack of grit and adequate determination.  If that’s the case, how do we better equip, prepare, and instill such characteristics?  Join Chris as he shares insights and examples from journeys with customers from around the world.  Insights include; establishing a sound business case, developing a concise strategy linked to benefits, organizational alignment, transparency, workforce development, and how to develop and nurture the key ingredients of Grit and Determination.

“Understanding Reliability in a Changing World”

Presented by Doug Plucknette, Reliability Solutions Inc.

I recently had a new client who was planning on training a second class of RCM Blitz™ facilitators tell me they were instead take a break from new training, tools and analysis for about a year.

Intrigued by this statement I asked why they were making this decision. Is something wrong?

“No, there’s just so much out there right now we’re not really sure what direction we should go in. Every time I turn around there’s another article on machine learning, smart machines, the Industrial Internet of Things. Heck, just last month someone at a conference told me that all this stuff is right on the horizon and it’s going to change everything. Some people are even saying the machines will fix themselves or some kind of robot will do the repairs.”

My question to my audience is how do you follow this up? How much of what we are seeing, and reading is hype and what can we do to focus our efforts on the things that can help us today?

This presentation will address the reality of what we need to focus our Reliability efforts on today while planning for what the future might bring.

“Best Practices for Electrical  Asset Reliability and Worker Safety”

Presented by Tim Rohrer, CMRP, President, Exiscan & Joe Gierlach, VP Technical Training & Support – TEGG – An ABM Company This presentation will cover best practices for the inspection and maintenance of Electrical assets. A multi technology approach to inspection, assessing severity, and recommended courses of action will be discussed. Proper safety procedures and practices will be outlined for the inspection and maintenance of energized Electrical assets per NFPA 70E and NFPA 70B.

Closing Keynote – So Now What?

Joe will help us tie a nice ribbon on the week’s events. Sending attendees off motivated and ready to put what they’ve learned into action!

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