Featured Keynotes

“Transforming the Amazon Approach to Operations Maintenance”

We are so excited to welcome Amazon’s Director of North American Maintenance & Reliability Engineering, Gail Edgar, as one of our featured Keynote speakers. In her presentation she will discuss  how Operations Maintenance at Amazon has historically relied on methodologies such as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) as the basis for achieving results and driving improvement. However, the advent of IOT, cloud-based computing and a growing network of sensor-enabled devices is changing the way organizations can manage their operations in real time.

This presentation will discuss the learnings and challenges as Amazon builds the analytic and control system for their fulfillment network. This session will also showcase what Amazon is doing to further empower leaders and associates with real time decision making by leveraging AI, ML and BI to drive user experience and productivity.

“Digital Disruption, 28 weeks later…”

Kicking off the conference will be Jose Maria Gurria, Global O&M Digital Implementation Leader at GE. Jose will present on “Digital Disruption, 28 Weeks Later.”

A lot has been said about “Digital Disruption” but some of us have been imagining what it would look like, in my case since almost 15 years back. Actually, when I first experienced with Predictive technologies. So fortunately some people in the community, in the last 2-3 years had even adventured to write and speak about our future as M&R professionals in this new environment. Where most of the predictions threaten with thousands of jobs loss, professions transformed or even replaced by machines.

The title of this abstract, is based on a British zombie movie and the post-apocalyptical scenario that a lethal virus has left over the earth. Even if it seems under control, the thread is still alive and, as usual, a group of survivors is fighting the disease trying to find a cure, while they keep complaining and wondering how it all happened to them.

I’ll try my best to immerse you into this dark place, where we will learn, what’s this “digital disease”, what to be afraid of, what are its faces, how they are showing up, how they escalate and could end up “infecting” the whole organization.

But don’t worry, we’ll figure out how to survive “Digital Disruption” by using our Maintenance & Reliability skills, tools, knowledge, and attitude.

Good luck…